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Is your lawn lacking curb appeal due to lawn challenges that leave it looking patchy and bare? It might be time to give your lawn the TLC it deserves with sod installation so you can achieve your dream yard. While you can DIY many landscaping and yard projects, when it comes to upgrading your landscaping with lawn sodding, the best option is to choose a trusted professional. Read on to learn more about lawn sodding with expert Ben Schneider of Peak Sodding from the Apex, North Carolina area. 


Meet Ben Schneider of Peak Sodding

Ben Schneider is the owner of Peak Sodding in Apex, North Carolina. He was born and raised in Fuquay in Southern Wake County, North Carolina. As one in a family of 6, Ben was homeschooled, and upon finishing high school, he took a lawn care position at the age of 18. He quickly fell in love with the industry and became more curious as he studied more. 

After working for Weed Man Lawn Care for a year and a half doing door-to-door sales and phone sales, he realized he was meant for a more hands-on approach to lawn care. He took jobs at TruGreen and NC Turf Care where he learned to sell sod and talked to many suppliers. Again, he became a student of the industry and studied everything about grass for hours each day.   

Shortly after, he saw an opportunity to combine his advanced technical knowledge of sod with his strengths as a natural problem-solver when it came to lawn challenges. 

It wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity to marry his advanced technical knowledge about sod with his ability to problem-solve even the toughest of lawn challenges. 

Ben launched his company, Peak Sodding, in January 2019 with the main goal of transforming homeowners’ experience with sod installers so they could bring their dream yard to life.  Ben and the team at Peak Sodding specialize in affordable, quality sod installation, which they achieve through teamwork and the use of effective tools and equipment so they can get the job done right… fast. 

When Ben is not working on someone’s dream yard, you can find him spending quality time with his family, going on walks, visiting various parks, being involved in his church, enjoying sports like Ultimate Frisbee and PickleBall, and diving into self-development.

Peak Sodding’s Mission and Core Values


Peak Sodding’s mission is to fulfill the needs of their customers while leaving them feeling confident that the job is done right and in a timely manner. They are dedicated to quality and reliability and do not believe in cutting corners or taking the easy route with low-quality sod at rock-bottom prices. 

They believe in offering only the highest quality work at affordable prices with their sod installation services. When you choose to work with Peak Sodding, you can rest assured that your lawn will look healthy and green for the long-run.

Ben shares that it is their ultimate joy to come in and help families who have been dealing with lawn challenges and failed attempts at reviving them from the impacts of things like kids playing, dogs running, mud pits, high-traffic, etc. Ben and the team will set you up for optimal success and help you maintain your lawn so it stays looking pristine. 


Peak Sodding has 6 primary core values as a company: 

  1. Communicate well and communicate often. 
  2. Take ownership. 
  3. No half-measures. 
  4. Produce with excellence. 
  5. Get oxygen. 
  6. Track everything. 

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Ben as part of our Trusted Contractor Partnership Series to learn more about his process of lawn sodding and serving customers. Check out our interview below! 


Trusted Contractor Partnership Series Interview with Ben Schneider of Peak Sodding


I see that you blog a lot and are present on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn frequently. Why do you choose to implement these marketing strategies for your business and have they helped? 

I like to post 3-5 times per week on my social media platforms and blog frequently as well. I want people visiting our social media and website to know that we are people with values, too. It helps them connect emotionally to the result and understand our company’s values and mission. 


I saw on LinkedIn that you posted not long ago about a yard that didn’t make it because of possibly not the right grass recommendation and you ended up replacing the yard. Why? What did this process look like with the client? 

This is an awesome question! I can’t tell you how many “ghost” yards I’ve seen throughout the years where the grass doesn’t come up. I chose to share this on social media so potential clients can see how seriously we take our work at Peak Sodding. By sharing about this problem, educating them about grass recommendations, and showing the process of replacing the yard, it shows people how dedicated we are to high quality work and products. This helps us uphold the reputation of our company as well as the tier of company that we want to surround ourselves with.


Who should call or reach out to you about sod installation services? 

Primarily homeowners who are tired of paying hundreds of dollars per year on their lawns and maintenance and who’s best course of action would be to reset in order to have a nice looking lawn. Professional turf companies may be able to turn their lawn around, but at the same time, this is not guaranteed. These companies can take about 2 years to re-establish the lawn, and there is still a good chance that it may not be successful or as successful as they’d hoped. Therefore, you have to ask yourself, do you want to wait that amount of time for results that are unknown? 


Why should someone work with a Professional Sodding Installer? Can this be something that a homeowner can DIY? If so, what’s the cost to DIY and how easy is it to mess up? What is the cost to fix a DIY sodding install? 

Sod installation can be done yourself, however, it is back-breaking work, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Renting the proper lawn sodding equipment is expensive, too. Oftentimes, people who try to DIY their lawn sodding neglect the prep work, which impacts the results. This process takes a long time and getting the sodding down in 48 hours is super important for the end result. When you DIY it, it’s a much slower process and will not be cost-effective if you have to pay a professional to reset the yard and fix it anyway. 


I recently read a post you made about laying down topsoil before all of the sod. Is this a non-negotiable and why? 

This is not necessarily a non-negotiable from an installation perspective, but from a value standpoint, it is in my opinion. One of our company values at Peak Sodding is “no half-measures,” which is why we take the extra step to lay down topsoil first. 


What does your process of working with a customer look like? 

First, we have a phone conversation to make sure they will be a good fit to work with us. We want to make sure that they aren’t wasting their time if for some reason we are not the best fit for them and vice versa. Once we determine they are a good fit, we conduct a formal assessment of their yard. We discuss things that they can do to help make sod installation successful. We walk around and have them point out the lawn challenges that are bothering them and that they want fixed. We discuss these and make sure we are clear on the solution that is best for them. Next, we book the project and decide if it is a multi-step project or something more simple. After that, the yard gets torn up and we bring in new dirt and sod. The sod is installed with our professional tools and equipment, which takes 1-2 days for the entire process. After the project is complete, we follow-up with the customer to ensure that it is successful and meets their desires for their dream yard. We also provide education to the customer on the maintenance steps they should take to keep their yard looking in tip-top shape. 


What does the future of Peak Sodding look like? 

I see Peak Sodding becoming a Turf Company as well as sod installation and gradually expanding into artificial turf so we can better serve more customers and address more lawn care needs. 


What is the best way for people to reach out to you? 

You can call us at (919)-205-4256 or fill out our website contact form here. You can also reach me by email at


Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I think the biggest thing I want people to know about me and Peak Sodding is that I value my personal character and want my company to reflect where I am developmentally and uphold the values of growth and integrity. I like to call myself “Authentic Ben,” and I want that to carry over into how people view and think of the entire team and company at Peak Sodding. 

It was such a pleasure to get to know Ben and learn more about Peak Sodding and how they are serving their customers. If you are in the Apex, North Carolina area and are looking for help with your toughest lawn challenges, I highly recommend reaching out to Ben at Peak Sodding for all of your lawn sodding needs.

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