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What Makes Interior and Exterior Paint Different? | What You Need to Know

Choosing a paint product for your home comes with a lot of decisions. There’s choosing the perfect color, deciding on a finish, and of course, picking out the best paint product for the job. However, one of the most important things to know when choosing paint is what makes interior and exterior paint different so […]

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How to Match Paint When You Don’t Know the Color

Painting or touching up a space in your home can be a tricky task when you need to match the paint color, yet you have no record of the color or finish. Whether you’re touching up a wall, trying to match the paint color in your newly purchased home, or you simply can’t remember what […]

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Is It Better To Paint Walls or Trim First?

If you’re planning your next painting project, you may be excitedly prepared with the perfect paint color and tools but suddenly get stopped in your tracks when it comes time to get started. You ask yourself the million-dollar question: Is it better to paint walls or trim first? This is a common question in the […]

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Should I Prime Walls Before Painting?

In the painting world, you often hear a lot of talk about using primer on your walls before applying paint, as it helps the paint adhere to the wall and create a smooth, protected finish. It seems simple enough to pick your paint color, primer, and tools and get started painting. However, many people find […]

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How to Test Paint Colors Without Painting the Wall

Choosing the perfect paint color for your space can be a stressful task, especially when you want to make sure it looks perfect on your wall before going all in on your painting project and committing to a color. While paint colors aren’t permanent and can be changed, choosing the wrong paint color is disappointing, […]

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How to Clean Painted Walls Safely Without Removing Paint

A home that has walls with a few scuffs, marks, and stains is a sign that it is well-loved, lived-in, and full of memories. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for imperfect, dirty walls. While cleaning painted walls can be a daunting task, especially when you want to avoid removing or damaging the […]

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What is Paint Burnishing and How Can I Fix It?

Are your walls looking a little lackluster lately? Do they show several imperfections and areas of shine that aren’t supposed to be there? While you may think this is an inevitable part of every paint job and the typical wear and tear your walls face, there is actually a specific term for this problem in […]

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Achieving Your Dream Yard with Sod Installation with Ben Schneider of Peak Sodding | Trusted Contractor Partnership Series

Is your lawn lacking curb appeal due to lawn challenges that leave it looking patchy and bare? It might be time to give your lawn the TLC it deserves with sod installation so you can achieve your dream yard. While you can DIY many landscaping and yard projects, when it comes to upgrading your landscaping […]

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5 Benefits of Painting Your House Exterior

If you’re looking to update the paint on the exterior of your home, you may be weighing the pros and cons to determine if an exterior paint job is worth your time, money, and effort right now. You might wonder if there are other updates around the house that are more pressing and impactful for […]

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Why We Recommend Romabio Brick Paint for Your Brick

Do you love everything about your home, except for the dark, dingy brick? While there are many pros and cons to painting brick (which we dive into in this blog post), with the right products, tools, and techniques, you can successfully paint your brick and achieve the unique look you desire! You’ll definitely want to […]

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What is Zero Voc Paint? A Look at Healthy Interior Paint Options with Greenguard Certification

Are you ready to refresh your space with a new paint color or touch-up the existing paint on your interior walls? A fresh coat of paint can transform a room, but it’s important to consider the health and safety of your home, as many paints contain harsh chemicals and ingredients called VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). […]

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How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your House

Does picking paint colors, especially for the exterior of your home, give you major homeowner anxiety? Are you worried that you won’t choose the right paint color for your home or that it won’t look as good in your home as it does in the store? Nobody wants their Pinterest-perfect paint inspiration to turn out […]

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