Best Exterior Paint for Your House in Raleigh

You see all the signs that it is time to repaint the exterior of your home; be it faded siding, peeling paint, outdated colors, or all the above – there’s no way around it, it’s time for an exterior paint job. Now you are faced with deciding what type of paint you should use for your home.

Today we are breaking down our top picks, the pros and cons of each product, and our overall top Exterior Paint Pick (if you are short on time & want to get straight to it – scroll down to see our #1 recommended exterior paint that will leave your house the ‘best’ on the block for a solid 10+ years.)

After being in the painting industry for more than a decade, we have seen it all and have had the chance to test out the best paints in the industry, so you don’t have to.

What to look for in your Exterior Paint

When narrowing down the paint for your exterior painting project, though a factor, the price tag is not the only thing to consider. The old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true for investing in your house paint project & when the correct steps are taken, an investment that should last a solid 7-10 years before you need to call your favorite paint company again.

When selecting the best exterior paint for your home, a few things to consider are durability, longevity, and environmental Impact.



The exterior of your home is vulnerable to the slew of weather, UV rays, humidity & temperature changes. In North Carolina, you know how quickly the weather can change here. Choosing an exterior paint that will hold up in the changing climate greatly affects how often you need to repaint. 

Nine times out of ten, we recommend a high-quality Latex Paint product for Hardie and Masonite Siding, two of the most common sidings in the Raleigh Area. High-quality latex paint is crafted to resist rust, provide dirt and mildew-resistant covering, and withstands the ever-changing elements to resist peeling, fading & cracking. It is essential to ensure the product you choose is labeled “100% latex paint”, as lower-quality paints will use fillers that are not as durable as high-quality latex.



Longevity is a second factor to consider & goes hand in hand with the durability of your exterior painting product. An excellent exterior paint should last anywhere from seven to ten years or more for reference. If you find your paint is fading, peeling, or cracking before the 7 to 10-year mark, it may be time to look into a more durable and higher-quality paint product. 

Hand in hand with longevity and within the life span of your paint is the color. Dark colors tend to fade quicker than light due to UV rays. If you are painting the exterior of your home a darker pigmented color, we recommend using the SW Emerald Exterior which has the highest sheen & color retention and protection against UV rays. All of which will increase the longevity of your paint investment. 

Another factor that can change the longevity of your exterior paint is dirt, pollen, pollution, mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants on the surface. All of which leads to the paint breaking down faster and looking dirty or dingy. For the longest cleanest look, especially for bright whites is the Emerald Exterior Rain Refresh. Regular washing of your home can help your paint last longer as well by removing these contaminants from the surface of your home.


Environmental Impact (low VOC’s)

It’s no secret that there are VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) naturally found in paint products. We make a conscious effort here at Oak City Coatings, to only recommend products that make the smallest environmental impact as possible. Most of the products we recommend are Green Guard Certified. They omit small VOC levels into the environment, providing an overall healthier painting experience and keeping your family & our community safe.

Now that we have broken down the top things we look for in the paint technology, let’s take a look at what our top recommendations are for the exterior of your home in Raleigh.

Our Top Overall Exterior Paint

Our top overall paint pick for a long-lasting finish that will protect your home for years to come with a gorgeous sheen goes to Sherwin Williams Duration.



Our Top Overall Exterior Paint for Dark Colors

Our top paint pick if you are painting the exterior of your house in a darker shade is Sherwin Williams Emerald for the gorgeous sheens and high color and sheen retention.


Our Top Overall Exterior Paint for Bright Whites

Our top paint pick if you are painting the exterior of your house a shade of white is Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh for the high washability and minimal maintenance. Your house will stay looking fresh & bright white for years to come. 




Our Top Overall Exterior Paint for Brick Exterior

If your home exterior is brick but you are wanting to bring a new fresh modern look, painting the exterior either a solid or limewash are both amazing options. Our top pick is Romabio Masonry Flat which will give you solid coverage with no chipping or peeling.


Our pick for Budget Exterior Paint Projects

If you are planning to sell your house within 5 years but need an exterior paint refresh, we recommend Sherwin Williams Super Paint. It provides decent coverage and has a lower price per gallon lasting 5 years before the need to repaint your exterior.


Now that you know all that goes into choosing your exterior paint product and feel confident that your investment will last for years to come, your next question about your exterior paint project is likely what color should I use? If that’s you, head over here to see the process we recommended for narrowing down a color palette you will love on your house.

If you are in the Raleigh area and ready to check exterior painting off your list, we’d love to partner with you to protect your home & provide a high-quality painting experience. Head over to our contact page to book a call with our team.

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