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How to Get Paint Off Brick | 4 Methods for Removal

Can You Remove Paint From Brick? 

Brick is a highly porous surface, making it difficult to remove paint from all of the nooks and crannies. However, it is not an impossible task. The paint removal methods we’ll share below will be helpful in removing paint from various types of brick, whether it be a small area on your interior brick fireplace or a larger area on your brick exterior. 


How to Get Paint off Brick


Method 1: Paint Stripper 

If you are looking to remove paint from brick in a small, isolated area, we recommend using a paint stripper and pressure washer. Paint strippers work best for latex paint products. 

Choose a paint stripper that is safe for brick surfaces to ensure it won’t damage the brick itself in the process. Paint stripping gels can make removal easier and less labor intensive while also being less harsh, making them ideal for indoor paint removal projects. 

Apply the paint stripper according to the manufacturer’s instructions and let it sit for the recommended amount of time so it can soften and break down the paint. 

Carefully pressure wash the paint and residue away, being careful not to damage the brick. 

Method 2: Muriatic Acid

You can also use muriatic acid to remove mineral paint and lime washes from brick in a small, isolated areas. 

Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and choose the right concentration of muriatic acid. Typically, a moderate concentration is effective for removing paint from brick. 

Carefully apply the acid using a spray bottle or brush, evenly coating the area that you want to remove the paint from. 

Muriatic acid works best if you let it sit for a bit to allow the acid to seep into the porous surface of the brick and break down the paint before pressure washing it off. It will start to bubble and soften the paint as the acid reacts with the paint. 

Once the allotted wait time is up, carefully pressure wash the acid, paint, and residue away. Be sure to neutralize the acid when you’re finished using baking soda and water, or the specific instructions on the product. Finally, rinse the area thoroughly. 

This method of removing paint from brick works well for masonry paint from Romabio


Method 3 : Blaster

For a full house paint removal, we recommend a blaster to remove paint from brick. While it can be pricey, it is worth investing in a professional who does mobile blasting and can come to your home to blast the paint away. 


Some blasting companies can only blast in their warehouse, so make sure to ask before hiring them to ensure their equipment can come to your house for on-site blasting. While this is an expensive project, it will get the job done right and maintain the integrity of your brick. 


Method 4: Vinegar and Scrub Brush

If you’re looking for a DIY-friendly way to get paint off brick, you can opt for the vinegar and scrub brush method. This can be effective for extremely small areas. This method will require a lot of scrubbing and “elbow grease,” but it works well for tiny splatters.  

Simply mix together a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Apply the solution directly to the affected area using a brush or sponge. 

Use a scrub brush to gently scrub the paint away. The acidity of the vinegar will help break down the paint. Once softened, rinse the area with water to remove the paint and residue. 

With these 4 methods for removing paint from brick, you’ll be able to tackle any paint and brick challenge and restore your brick to its natural beauty. 

As a rule of thumb, always prioritize safety, the integrity of your brick, and if you’re ever unsure, contact a professional to help you choose the best method and tackle the job. 

If you’re looking for a professional to help you paint your brick (and ensure no mistakes or splatters requiring removal occur), we’d love to work with you! We offer high-quality brick painting services using the best Romabio products in the Raleigh area. 

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