How to Make Your White Paint Cover Better

We partnered with Ethan from The Honest Carpenter to share this pro insider tip to get your white paint to better cover and hide surfaces. This paint trick will make cheap white paint cover and hide the most expensive paint products! So grab your paint brush, and let’s dive in.

Get the perfect white paint for your needs.

There are a lot of white paint products available. It is essential to note that some are ready for use straight out of the can. While some white paint needs to be mixed with various tints and colorants before use. All Base Paints will need to be mixed with tints. A quick way to determine if a paint product needs to be mixed is to read the label. If the paint has to be tinted, there will often be a warning or notice on the back or bottom.

Our top paint picks for both coverage and hide qualities.

For exterior repaint projects, we recommend the Sherwin Williams Duration line–especially the Super White product, which has excellent coverage and hide qualities. However, Duration runs around $80+ per gallon – which is on the more expensive end of paint products. So, how can you get your basic, cheaper white paint products to function like top-grade white paint? The key is adding a little more tint to the mixture, and in the white color/volume combination.

Add a little more tint to get great coverage and hide.

Tint is a pigment mixture you can add to paint to give the paint color as well as to increase opacity. If you want your basic white paints to cover better you want to introduce a specific color and volume combination.

Our recommend formula for better coverage is this mixture: 2 oz. White Tint + 1/32 oz. Black Tint per 1 Gallon White Paint.

This extra tint combination will make cheaper white paint cover and hide as well as more superior white paint products. The additional colorants increase opacity and tone in the paint formula, meaning you can often cut out extra coats without cutting on coverage. We recommend heading to your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore to request this special tint formula.


Whether you are a professional painter or just tackling your next painting project on your own, it is important to understand the different types of white paint products. With a little know-how and this insider pro tip, you can make any cheap white paint product cover like the most expensive brands! If you are looking for a professional painter to help with your next project, give us a call! Our team is experienced in working with all types of paint products and we would be happy to help get the job done right.

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