How to Refresh Your Space With Paint

Are you ready for a refresh as you head into the new year? If you’re looking to update your space, adding a fresh new paint color can completely transform your home without being overly costly. Choosing the right paint color, paint finish, sheen, and paint product is key to getting the long-lasting look you desire. Read on as we dive into the 2023 paint color trends and five ways that paint can refresh your space and change a room for the better. 

5 Ways That Paint Can Refresh Your Space


To bring a new focal point to your room. 

Applying a new paint color can bring a new focal point to your room. Whether you want to feature a certain part of the room or shift the focus away from something less appealing, paint can help draw the eye wherever you’d like. 

Using a dark hue, such as, Benjamin Moore’s color, Wenge, one of the 2023 paint color trends, you can create a new focal point that draws your eye towards that space. You can do this by painting a dark accent wall that is accented with a bright white paint color. This gives a stunning and fresh contrast that draws the eye to the new focal point. 

To create a relaxing retreat. 

Paint can also change a room by creating the experience of a relaxing retreat. Using softer and lighter colors, such as Benjamin Moore’s Conch Shell, and Sherwin Williams’ Glamour, both 2023 paint color trends, you can deliver a gentle dose of color without being overly stimulating or loud. 

This creates a calming, relaxing space that you can’t wait to wind down in. These softer colors are perfect to use in spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, or powder rooms. 

To bring outside places inside. 

Your home should be a reflection of your favorite places. If you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every time you walk outside (us too!), incorporating the colors from Sherwin Williams’ Nesting Palette is the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your home and refresh your space. 

The colors in this 2023 paint color trend palette, Dark Room, Hot Cocoa, and Austere Gray, work together to bring a sense of nature indoors. 

To create a welcoming space.

Paint can refresh a space by creating a welcoming and joyful vibe. If you are longing to create a space that welcomes others with open arms (and walls), check out the 2023 paint color trend, Warm Welcome, by Sherwin WIlliams

Incorporating hues of gold and neutral linen gives a fresh and welcoming feeling to your space. 

To freshen up your space. 

If your space feels a little outdated, dull, or worn, a new paint color and paint job can freshen up your home in no time. It’s amazing how a new coat of paint can give a room an entirely different look and feel. 

Freshly painted walls are clean, crisp, bright, and can dramatically change the entire look of your room, giving you the style you desire. 

As you can see, choosing the right paint color for your space can transform it and give you the exact style you’re looking for, no matter the room. You can learn more about choosing your perfect paint color in our color journey blog post

You can also browse and be inspired by Sherwin Williams’ Terra Colormix Forecast for 2023, featuring 40 trend colors across 4 color palettes. 

If you are on the market to refresh your interior or exterior space in 2023 with a fresh paint job, our team would love to help you choose the perfect paint product and give you the highest quality experience possible. 

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