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Painting Estimate vs. Painting Quote: What Is The Difference?

Are you considering getting your home’s interior professionally painted? One of the main factors to consider when deciding whether or not to move forward with the project and which painter to hire is: cost. The terms painting estimate and painting quote are often heard and used interchangeably, but they are actually very different and apply to different aspects of the paint pricing process. Read on to learn the difference between a painting estimate vs. painting quote so you can make the best decision for your home and budget. 


Painting Estimate vs. Painting Quote


What is a Painting Estimate?

A painting estimate is an initial approximation of the projected cost of your painting project. It is based on what the painter sees will be needed in terms of products, supplies, labor, etc. 

An estimate is a rough calculation that painting professionals give potential customers based on their knowledge, expertise, prior experiences, impressions of the project, projected project scope, and trends in the market and region. 

To create your painting estimate, painters will compare your project to other projects of similar size and need in the region to get the most accurate cost for supplies, repairs, labor, etc. 

These estimated pricing numbers aren’t literal, legally binding, or meant to be exact budgetary numbers. Instead, their purpose is to give homeowners a general idea of what a project may cost so you can make the best decision for your home, budget, and family. 

Estimates can be lower or higher than the exact cost, but they will get you in the ballpark so you know the numbers you’ll be working with. They are a great starting point to help you start planning and budgeting. They can also help you rule out a project if it is far out of your budget. 

Sometimes, we are able to give potential customers a rough painting estimate or bracketed pricing during our initial consultation call just by looking at pictures of their home online. On average, in the Raleigh, North Carolina region, the cost to paint a home’s interior is typically around $8,000-$12,000, depending on different factors and homeowner decisions. Learn more about the factors that impact the cost to paint a home’s interior in this blog post

What is a Painting Quote?

A painting quote is the most exact, itemized, detailed cost of a project. This breakdown of pricing and cost can only be created by having the painting professional conduct an in-person assessment and walkthrough of your home and project. This hands-on, eyes-on approach allows them to see the condition of your home and what will be needed to carry out the project in the highest quality manner in terms of products, supplies, labor, etc. 

Once we are on-site to put together the quote, we can ask the customer different questions about how they might like us to handle certain situations, such as types of colors used, products to be used, areas to be painted, the number of coats, etc. We can help guide customers in the right direction for their budget during this walkthrough. 

A painting quote is a fixed number that a customer needs to budget for. It is a legally binding contract that the customer will agree to pay the painter. Once an agreement is made and the contract has been signed, the customer has officially agreed to pay the quoted price to the painter and the painter has agreed to deliver those exact services to the customer. Quotes are more specific and formal, creating a layer of professionalism and accountability among all parties involved. 

A quote will break down the exact cost to paint a house interior, which means this is the price to be paid and no adjustments will be made (unless agreed upon by both parties). A quote is detailed and breaks down what each stage of the project will cost, including costs for specific tasks like removing paint from glass, repairing certain areas, etc. 


What is the Difference Between an Estimate and Quote for Painting?

The main difference between a painting estimate and a quote for painting is the level of detail involved. An estimate is a rough draft that is meant to provide a general idea of what a project might cost. On the other hand, a quote is a more detailed, full picture view of the exact breakdown of costs for each phase of the project and the project as a whole. 

Both of these painting documents are key aspects of the process and help to get the painter and customer on the same page, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding from the start. 

When considering painting companies to work with, have them clarify their processes around creating estimates and quotes. Make sure the quotes are thorough, detailed, and that you get all of your questions answered before signing on the dotted line. 

Working with a professional painter is definitely worth the investment, so make sure to take the painting estimate and painting quote phases seriously so you can get the best bang for your buck and work with a trusted, professional painter that will get the job done right. 

If you’re in the Raleigh area and are looking for a painting company that values your opinion, needs, and budget, reach out to book your free estimate with our team today. We’d love to assess your project and give you the most accurate, fair quote in the end! 


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