How to remove paint from glass

How to Remove Paint From Glass | 3 Simple Methods

A simple and effective way to update the look of your home, whether on the interior or exterior, is to add a fresh coat of paint to your window and door frames. However, this can be a little tricky when it comes to painting around glass. Even the steadiest hand can have accidental splatters and paint smudges. In order to achieve a professional-looking paint job with clean and crisp lines, you’ll need to learn how to remove paint from glass without damaging or scratching it. This blog post will share a few simple ways to remove paint from glass as well as some preventative measures you can take to keep paint off glass in the first place. Let’s dive in! 


How To Remove Paint From Glass


It can be frustrating when you’re painting around a window and accidentally get paint on the glass. Even the slightest slip or splatter can be super noticeable. However, it’s not as hard as you may think to get the paint off the glass window without damaging it. Here are a few tried and true ways that we professionals use to remove paint from glass, because, yes, it happens to us, too! 


Method 1: Denatured Alcohol and a Flat-Blade Razor


For this method of removing paint off glass, you’ll want to make sure you first clean the glass before painting around the frame. A clean window is easier to remove paint splatters from. 

After painting around the frame, put a dab of denatured alcohol on a rag and rub it into the paint a little bit to work it in. The denatured alcohol softens water-based paints, making them easier to remove. You can also use acetone or nail polish remover if you don’t have denatured alcohol. 

Then, use a flat-blade razor to scrape off the paint at an angle so you don’t “jab” at the glass and damage it. We recommend taping the edges of your window or door to help protect it from the razor blade in case it gets too close. 


Method 2: Paintable Masking Liquid


The next method to use for removing paint from glass is to use a paintable masking liquid to easily protect the glass and remove any splatters without scratching the glass. 

Again, make sure you clean the glass first. Brush on the paintable masking liquid BEFORE painting. Let it dry, then paint around the glass. When you’re done, run a razor blade around the inside of the window and peel off the mask. Any paint splatters or drips will come right off on the mask, leaving your glass paint-free and intact. After removing the mask, be sure to give your glass a good clean once more. 


Method 3: Vinegar


If you’re dealing with a stubborn spot of paint on glass, vinegar is a natural way to loosen and remove it. First, boil the vinegar on the stovetop or in the microwave. Use thick rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heat and saturate a rag in the vinegar. Scrub the paint until it softens and comes off. After the paint is removed, clean the glass with warm water and dish soap. If you are trying to get paint off of textured glass, this is a great option, as scraping with a razor blade can ruin the texture. 


How To Prevent Getting Paint On Glass Window


Although there are a few effective methods for removing paint from glass, there’s no doubt that preventing paint from getting on the glass in the first place is the best option.

As with many painting projects, using painter’s tape can be a great way to prevent paint from getting on glass. The key is to use a professional-grade painter’s tape product and to push down hard to ensure you have a strong seal to keep paint from seeping under the paint onto the glass. If you choose to use painter’s tape, take your time when applying it so you get the best result, aka, no paint on your glass!

The paintable masking liquid we shared above can also be used as a preventative measure when painting around glass. If you’re confident you’ll likely splatter, use the masking liquid to keep the paint off the glass and ensure you have an easy method for removal. 

There you have it – 3 simple methods for removing paint from glass without damaging or scratching it! These simple methods will help you ensure your windows stay looking clean and clear after your next DIY paint job. 

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