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Why We Recommend Romabio Brick Paint for Your Brick

Do you love everything about your home, except for the dark, dingy brick? While there are many pros and cons to painting brick (which we dive into in this blog post), with the right products, tools, and techniques, you can successfully paint your brick and achieve the unique look you desire! You’ll definitely want to be sure to choose the best paint product for your brick. Good news for you, we’ve done a lot of the research for you! In this blog post, we’re breaking down why we recommend our favorite Romabio brick paint to our customers! 


About Romabio Brick Paint

Romabio brick paints are created from minerals and natural, eco-friendly materials, instead of petroleum-based materials. The scientists behind Romabio Paints are dedicated to ancient paint technologies to make paint safer and healthier for the environment and their customers.

They have spent many years working closely with biologists and chemists to uncover how to make their paints adhere to modern surfaces with high durability and performance. 

Their molecular structure, ingredients, and resin type make them different from traditional acrylic or latex paints. Romabio brick paints don’t seal the surface, allowing the moisture in the brick to release and prevent peeling and cracking. This also makes them mold resistant, which is definitely what you want when painting your brick. 


What Makes Romabio Brick Paint The Best 


Romabio brick paint is our number one choice, and most recommended paint for brick exteriors for a number of reasons. 




Romabio Paints uses a micro-crystalline structure which allows air and moisture to spread into the underlying surface, which creates more air exchange. This type of paint is healthier for the environment. 


2. Durability & Sustainability

Another positive aspect of the micro-crystalline bond that Romabio Paints form is that it allows for a more durable, strong coating. This reduces the carbon footprint as well as the number of applications of paint needed. Therefore, you can save money on product and labor, which is a major win! 

Since the main binder used in these mineral paints is a natural, raw potassium silicate, they are also more sustainable for the environment.


3. Color

Due to the mineral-base and natural, earth oxide tints of Romabio brick paints, these products have a dynamic color refraction, which gives way to vibrant color palettes with years of color endurance. 


4. Mold Resistance

Romabio Paints are naturally resistant to mold and fungal growth due to their high alkalinity and mineral structure. This is different from most acrylic paints whose PH is lower and are more prone to mold. 


5. Fire Resistance


Finding a fire resistant paint product can be hard to come by, but Romabio Paints are naturally fire resistant due to their mineral-base and lack of petrochemicals and acrylic. They also have lower reactions to fire when exposed. 


6. Healthier for the Environment

These paint products are healthier for the environment because they don’t contain harmful solvents or toxins. They are nearly 100% odorless, which is much different than acrylic paints with certain VOC levels.


Romabio Brick Paint Options

Romabio offers a few different brick paint options. The paint you choose when painting your brick depends on your specific home, the location of, and the quality of your brick. 

Masonry Flat

Romabio Masonry Flat is our most recommended brick paint product. It is very durable and gives solid coverage without peeling or chipping. It can last 20+ years without needing to be repainted. You can even tint this product to be the color of your liking. 

Masonry Textured

Romabio Masonry Textured also gives a durable finish with solid coverage for up to 20+ years, but it creates a slight texture on your brick due to the aggregate it contains. When used on rougher brick, it will have a smoother finish. On smoother brick, it will show a slight texture. Similar to the masonry flat product, it can be tinted to take on the color you want for your brick. 

Lime Wash

Romabio Lime Wash creates a unique, whitewashed look, giving you a classic feel while still exposing hints of the original brick. It is also removable and can be washed off within 2 days of application, that way if you decide the look just isn’t for you, you’re not committed to it. It has long-lasting durability and requires little to no maintenance for years (even decades!). The lime wash paint calcifies to the brick it’s applied to, creating a hard surface, while still allowing moisture to evaporate.

Lime Slurry

Romabio Lime Slurry is perfect for creating classic, beautiful textured finishes on brick that has never been painted before. It goes on easy but creates a hard, durable finish that is long-lasting. This is a great option if you want a more stucco-like finish.


Behind-the-Scenes of a Romabio Brick Paint Transformation in Cary



Romabio Paints are more expensive than other latex or elastomeric paints, but as you can see, they are high quality products that are well worth the price. 

If you are looking to paint your brick, we can help you choose the best Romabio paint product for your job and give pricing options on which direction to go. We’d love to partner with you to choose the perfect paint and bring your brick to life with our professional painting services. Contact us to book a complimentary call with our team today!

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