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Romabio Limewash Transformation | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with our team at Oak City Coatings on an exterior painting and limewash project? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at our exterior painting process and showcasing an amazing residential Romabio exterior limewash transformation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!


Before Applying Romabio Limewash


Before our team began this exterior painting project, our color team worked closely with the client to choose the best colors, sheens, and paint products to ensure long-lasting, high-quality results. This was especially important since we were going to be painting the exterior brick

Here, you can see some color renderings to help narrow down color options before our Limewash sample day.

Prior to beginning the painting process, we went through exactly what paint products and colors would be used on each part of their exterior. 

Romabio Limewash Color Sample Day


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Choosing Paint and Limewash Products for the Chapel Hill Project

After consulting with the client and using our knowledge of paint products and the process for painting exterior brick, we came up with a detailed list of paint products to use for each part of the home’s exterior as well as notes for each part of the project.


Check out the list and our detailed painting project notes below:


  •   1 Coat of Romabio Lime Wash, rinsed off to the preferred look, pre-approved by the client during the sample process.
  •   Sheen: Flat
  •   Color: Riposo Beige

Hardie Shakes Siding


Trim for Soffit, Gable, Front Porch Ceiling, Wood Door Frames & Doors, Garage Trim & Doors.

  •   2 Coats of Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior
  •   Sheen: Satin
  •   Color: SW7069 Iron Ore

Garage Door Hardware

Gutters & Downspouts

  •   2 Coats of Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior
  •   Sheen: Satin or Gloss
  •   Color: SW7069 Iron Ore 


  •   2 Coats of Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior
  •   Sheen: Satin or Gloss
  •   Color: SW7069 Iron Ore

Shutter Hardware

  •   2 Coats of Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Urethane
  •   Sheen: Semi-Gloss
  •   Color: Black

Metal Window Supports

  • 2 Coats of Sherwin-Williams Water Based Urethane
  • Sheen: Semi-Gloss
  • Color: SW7569 Stucco

Limewashing Process

After completing our paint product list and notes and verifying all choices with the client, we began the process of adequately cleaning and preparing the exterior for paint. This involved pressure washing to remove dirt, grime, and other substances before going in with paint. This is a key step for any exterior painting project that we take very seriously at Oak City Coatings. 

Our team then went in and applied all selected paints using our professional processes and techniques. 

The Romabio Lime Wash went on smoothly on this exterior and looked amazing! You can read more about why we recommend Romabio exterior products when painting brick here.


A beautiful limewash brick transformation paired with a beautiful fall day has our hearts skipping a beat over here at Oak City Coatings HQ. The homeowners wanted a revitalized brick exterior, and we are so grateful to be able to bring their vision to life! After working with us on color directions, they selected Romabio Limewash in Riposo Beige accented with Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams – the end result is stunning! #raleighnc #romabiolimewash #brickpainting #limewash #limewashpaint #paintersoftiktok #sherwinwilliams #CreateWithCanon

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After Applying Romabio Limewash

After the painting project at the Chapel Hill project was complete, you can see the visual impact of the Romabio Lime Wash exterior paint. This lime wash paint created a nice contrast with the dark roof, shutters, trim, and accents, giving this home a modern, sophisticated, and welcoming look! Plus, it adds to the curb appeal as it pairs nicely with the landscaping. 

Our team was able to complete this project in two weeks.


Are you thinking about painting your home’s exterior? We’d love to partner with you to bring your vision to life and give you a high-quality paint job that will last for years! Our professional painters are dedicated to customer-focused service and helping you choose the best products and colors for your home. 


Visit our contact page to book your free estimate and get started on your exterior painting project!


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